Can Your Fur Baby Spread Or Contract The Coronavirus?

Currently there is no evidence that COVID-19 can be transmitted from a human to your household pet; however, very little is known about this virus and therefore the CDC recommends having limited contact with household pets and other animals until more information is known. CDC recommends washing your hands thoroughly after contact with any animal. Wiping your pet’s paws with a paw cleaner or paw wipes when they come in and out of the house, especially after being at public parks, would be an additional precaution to help stop the spread of this virus. Please note that you should not use a bleach wipe to clean off your pet’s paws and make sure any product you use is labeled that it is safe to use on a pet. It is possible to contract COVID-19 if an infected person pets your dog or cat and then you pet them and the virus then gets on your hands and you don’t wash your hands before touching your face, mouth, nose, etcetera…and so restrict pats and cuddles to your immediate quarantine people group to minimize this possibility.

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