Ground Water May Not Be Covered On Your Homeowner Insurance Policy!

flood damage restoration

Many homeowners mistakenly think that all water damage is the same and is covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. Ground water is water that enters into your home from a source outside your home, such as from general flooding or a sewer backup. During extended periods of heavy rain, it is not uncommon for ground water to seep into your basement or home due to the ground being saturated and, unless you have flood insurance, in most cases this kind of flood damage will not be covered by your homeowner insurance

flood damage restoration

In years past, the home had to be in a flood zone in order to be able to purchase flood insurance; however, today any homeowner may purchase this affordable option, starting at about $120 a year if you qualify for the preferred program.

Go to the  federal flood site and enter your address and you will be able to find out the flood risk level for your home and also receive some estimated premiums for various levels of coverage. It is important to know though that flood insurance has a 30-day waiting period after it is purchased before flood damage will be covered and so don’t wait until a soggy forecast to buy your policy. Also, flood insurance does not cover personal belongings stored in a basement or room where all four walls are below ground and so don’t buy flood insurance if you are only concerned about personal property.

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