While as a homeowner, we all hope never to experience a property loss, property losses do happen and a little preparation now can save you lots of headaches, time, and dollars later in the event your home does incur property damage.

When the sewer or your septic tank backs up into your home or office, it is definitely not a pretty site or smell and, unless only in a very small area, cleanup of this mess should not be a DIY project as this is contaminated water which can be a major health hazard!

Lots of homes have them....those dark and damp abysses under your home, the "crawl space", and the reality is that what happens in your crawl space does not generally "stay in your crawl space"....

All water damage is wet but that is where the similarities end. You come home from the grocery store and see water on your kitchen floor and your first reaction is to attempt to dry it up, thinking that it is "just water".

Many homeowners mistakenly think that all water damage is the same and is covered by your homeowner's insurance policy. Ground water is water that enters into your home from a source outside your home, such as from general flooding or a sewer backup.

Your house has sustained storm damage, water damage, flood damage, or fire damage and you need help...and fast...but who do you call first? Should you call your homeowner insurance company's 1-800 emergency number first or not?

Cobb County homeowners who are 62 or older as of January 1st of the current year may file for the School Tax Exemption (Cobb County Age 62 Tax Exemption) by completing and submitting the exemption form on or before April 1st of that year.

A common question after water damage in a home is whether the hardwood floors can be saved and the answer depends on several factors. The first consideration is how much water went on your floors and how long was the flooring exposed to the water? The second factor is what kind of "hardwood" floor do you have or is it actually a laminate floor that looks like hardwood?

A common question asked by homeowners if their home sustains water damage is can they dry it thoroughly by themselves or should they hire a professional? Well the answer is a definitive Yes and No!

Homeownership is the American Dream but with this dream also comes the responsibility of taking care of your home which can be quite a challenge.

What is hotter, melted glass or a sparkler? Melted glass is 900 degrees F and a sparkler is 2000 degrees F!The next time you hand your child a sparkler, keep them safe with the following tips: *Always use fireworks under adult supervision