sewage and septic tank damage

Are You Dealing With Sewage and Septic Tank Damage?

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Your septic tank plays a vital role in keeping your water clean. When this system is damaged, it can cause a whole host of issues-flooding being the most pressing. If your home or office is experiencing standing water due to a broken septic tank, it's vital that you take immediate action.

Havoc Heroes Restoration Services specializes in water damage removal. We'll go the extra mile to make sure your home or office is free of standing water.

Don't let standing water ruin your home or office

Sewage and septic tank damage, when left unaddressed, results in complete system failure. Getting water damage restoration is key to preventing:

  • Mold or mildew growth
  • Foundation issues
  • Respiratory issues

It's vital that you address these issues immediately so you can avoid costly repairs.

We provide water damage restoration services in Kennesaw, Acworth & Cartersville, GA and the surrounding areas. If you're experiencing sewage and septic tank damage, call now to schedule your service.