Your Washing Machine may be a Major Source of Water Damage

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One of the most common causes of water damage inside the home is due to the failure of those black rubber water intake hoses behind your washing machine as over time they begin to get dry and cracked or burst…but luckily there is a very easy fix which is extremely affordable. Go to your local hardware store and for about $20 you can purchase two braided stainless-steel hoses to attach to your washing machine. They are easy to install, simply screwing onto the back of the washing machine and onto the hot and cold water valves.

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Also, as a safety precaution, it is always best not to leave your home while your washing machine or dishwasher is running. Likewise, if you go out of town for a couple of days or more, it is wise to turn the hot and cold water “off” to your washing machine as it is never fun to return from a vacation and find that the hoses have failed and water has flooded your home…and this happens a lot more then one would expect.

Remember, be proactive today to prevent the need for water damage removal tomorrow.

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